Companies we are proud to support:

More then 60 million Brazilians don’t have access to short-term credit and in lower amounts

JEITTO is an app-based business that provides micro/nano credit access, with low fees and no revolving, as well as convenience for payments allied to an unique onboarding experience.

1.2 million students scored zero in the ENEM's Essay in 2017

Redação Online is the world's first platform for portuguese-language that uses artificial intelligence to correct Essays considering ENEM's (National High School Examination) current 5 competencies.

More than 55% of Millennials and Generation Z don't know which nonprofits to support and how to reach them. It's hard to find a captivating donation process

Ribon connects large donors to small individual donors to contribute to social projects, increasing the potential for donations by up to 60%.

Brazil loses about 38% of the water collected in springs during its distribution. By avoiding about 20% of the loss, it would be possible to supply the 35 million Brazilians who do not have access to drinking water

Stattus4 uses Artificial Intelligence and IoT technology to collect and understand data from natural resources in order to sustainably make it accessible to more people.